From inception Afrilek has grown its business around Automation and Control and we have successfully completed in excess of 400 automation solutions. We have extended ourselves to supporting multiple brands of automation systems and are certified with many OEMs. As a company we have successfully completed over the last 12 years systems projects from small micro controller and HMI solutions to DCS Projects with over 10 000 I/O. We have performed projects in the automation field across multiple sectors from basic solution to safety integrated solutions in Factory Automation and Process Automation industry alike.

Our work on automation systems include that micro controller based all the way to large DCS systems. We feature in solutions with using various suppliers for vast types of applications from high speed machine applications, safety systems to batch applications.

SCADA and HMI Systems like Wonderware, WINCC, Citect, Adroit, Factory Talk and many more have been successfully deployed on multiple site by Afrilek and our associates.

PLC/ RTU and DCS brands from Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, ABB, Phoenix Contact, Beckhoff, Omron and Mitsubishi are amongst some of the more frequently used controllers we implement across various industries.

At Afrilek we are experienced in the implementation of Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Our goal is always to implement a solution where clients can operate, manage and run their plant with minimum support from us through well documented, trained and standardized approach we have adopted and are recognized for over the years.

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