As a measure to continuously enhance and provide a readily available service and support team, Afrilek has the following to offer as part of its aftercare portfolio:

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

A stitch in time saves nine. It is for this reason we believe quarterly audit is required to allow our staff to evaluate the following:

  • MV Inspection
  • LV Inspection
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Systems and Infrastructure
  • Network Audits
  • Documentation Control
  • Software license reviews
  • Operator handling
  • Change management
  • Skills evaluation

Our staff has vast experience in these disciplines. Each discipline above has multiple quality checklists essential for any system to operate. Our focus is purely on improvement of processes, improved transparency, improved plant availability, planning and, most importantly, optimisation.

Results from the audits would be documented with a project plan to correct/ improve the system. All recommendations will be tracked.

Unplanned Stopages (UPS)

At Afrilek we pride ourselves in not only having the ability and capability of staff that understands the urgency of these types of stoppages or breakdown calls, but they also are geared to ensure fast turnaround times. At Afrilek flexibility is one of our key missions. With a simple call, email or fax, the technician with the correct skill set will be handed the call and dispatched once all necessary arrangements have been made. This service is 24/7, 365 and our unique skills sets allow us to support you with your automation and electrical solutions and equipment.

We are always available to all customers but only guarantee call out times to out SLA customers.

Remote Access Services (RAS)

Remote access from home to any information via the web or to your office server has been a standard practice for many years now. So why not let us, at Afrilek, install our RAS that would allow both your staff as well as our staff access to your plant securely to avoid huge downtimes and improve transparency and availability. We have many solutions that can be customised to ensure that your safety and security concerns are met at all times.

The obvious advantages are:

  • Shorter downtimes
  • Staff and Afrilek have secure access to your plant remotely 24/7, 365
  • Afrilek has the ability to assist staff in fault finding and diagnosing remotely
  • Remote access allows for software audits/ changes and backups monitoring to be done remotely

Call us to design and implement a solution that works for you.

Annual Service Agreements Plan (ASAP)

In a quest for Afrilek to improve service to our clients we have introduced a SLA programme. These agreements mutually benefit both parties. Often clients demand better service from their preferred partners but to no avail. Our SLA’s are customised to ensure availability and a continuous improvement. As support is becoming a huge risk with competence at an all time low, it is difficult for any organisation to properly support its clients immediately without a SLA agreement in place. SLA’s can be customised to your requirements and the following criteria are addressed:

  • Training
  • Response time/ Availability of staff
  • Remote Support
  • Expertise required
  • Product supply pricing agreements
  • Rates

For more information on the above, please contact us at to set an appointment or to get more information.


All Industrial Systems have two macro phases. The first is the Tender Process and relates to every aspect that occurs prior to the second phase, defined as Implementation. Typically, feasibility studies may occur many years ahead of the actual implementation of your Automation System, if it is found to be feasible. Next it is common to assume clients should supply process knowledge and the integrator product knowledge. What is often overlooked is the overall procedure, which should align these two areas of expertise.

The need for “Up front Tender Phase” Services:
  • Constraints the clients have during this phase are as a result of corporate governance and the need for a “fair tender process,” which does not allow specific integrators to scope works and also quote on it. This is deemed unethical, irrespective of the need of a certain level of expertise.
  • Another constraint is when not all integrators are given the same scope, making it difficult to compare.
  • Yet another constraint is when specifications and standards are not clearly defined upfront, resulting in scope creep. Often relevant quality specifications / contractual considerations are not specified upfront, leaving all parties exposed to risk.
  • A constraint often overlooked in the upfront process is the practical specification of the approach.
  • A further constraint is related to the tender process itself, specifically surrounding an objective adjudication. This is based on understanding, not just the price, but what has been excluded or the basis of assumptions.

Afrilek aims to address these constraints.

The need for “Implementation Phase” services

Problems experienced during this phase include:

  • Problems related to the lack of continuity resulting in a host of problems such as re-scoping /general misalignment to needs.
  • The second constraint is a result of the nature of the type of project in that many line items across different disciplines are to be managed to ensure the overall success of the project.
  • Another concern is compliance to the upfront specifications based not only on a thorough undertstanding of the numerous project management functions but also the industrial aspects such as technology and process.

Afrilek leverages lessons learned into future tender processes.

24 Hour Service and Support Contact Numbers



24 HOUR SUPPORT FOR PLC: +27 (82) 328 1330
24 HOUR SUPPORT FOR SWITCHGEAR: +27 (82) 328 1435


24 HOUR SUPPORT LINE: +27 (62) 239 4535