Condition monitoring has evolved over time. Handheld portable devices are rarely used in general plant areas. Automation systems have integrated field sensors and allows for the reporting of both machine and process changes. At Afrilek we consider Condition Monitoring applicable to not just machine monitoring and protection but also environmental monitoring and protection as in the case of monitoring of gases, emissions, transformers, Industrial Networks monitoring (Ethernet and Fieldbus) on so on.

Breakdowns and unplanned stoppages for machinery, networks and not meeting environmental regulations is expensive. It results in unplanned downtime and can cause secondary failures to other machine components, pollution, which further can cause safety risks or downstream client dissatisfaction like in the case of water suppliers.

Condition monitoring combines hardware, smart software, and support in a real time view and real time assessment of your plant in operation. By ensuring the correct asset is being condition monitored we can mitigate risks, boost safety, and reduce maintenance costs, while improving equipment reliability, uptime, efficiency and quality.

Afrilek has experience in the design and implementation of Hardware monitoring systems and sensors that protect your equipment and collect diagnostic data for analysis and execution.

We have equipment that has been successfully with:

  • Complete plants for Networks monitoring
  • Machines for vibration, temperature monitoring Mills, Conveyors, Turbines, Fans, boilers
  • Emissions and Gases for stacks and transformers

We offer scalable deployment and ongoing support service offerings.

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